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What makes building a team with Guerilla a smart choice?

More than just the typical offshoring company, Guerilla Staffing Solutions is a family-owned business, female-led, fueled by their 10+ years of entrepreneurial experiences that enabled them to provide innovative and long-lasting growth in the business space.


But what about their staff? At Guerilla Staffing Solutions, we take pride in our staff. They are not only known for their unmatchable skills and expertise but of course for possessing good personality traits that make them easy to work with.

  • Uniqueness 

We understand that each individual has their uniqueness, and so we encourage our staff to be themselves when they come to work. We believe that in this world where most businesses are doing the exact same thing, having a team who can think outside the box is a powerful way to stand out. Therefore, we provide a safe space where they can express who they truly are, as we believe that ‘creativity comes when they feel less restricted.’ Through this, our staff are able to unleash their hidden potential, perform their tasks effectively and contribute to the growth of their client’s businesses.

  • Encouragement 

Being a family-run business the philosophy of ‘family-centered’ is also applied to the floor. The floor at Guerilla Staffing Solutions is an open floor layout making it easy for them to interact and build relationships with their colleagues and ask for support from them and management if needed. We always encourage our staff to treat their colleagues as their family, so that no one is ever left behind. With that, we rest assured that the team we will build for you will have this kind of relationship as we avoid misunderstandings and misalignment internally so that they can work collaboratively on how they can streamline your business.

  • Eagerness

Aside from the exceptional skills that our staff demonstrate, one of the qualities we observe from our staff is their eagerness to leave their comfort zone to learn new things and push the boundaries of their abilities and knowledge. It is shocking how everyone has already instilled in themselves the concept of ‘Without being eager and passionate in what you do, you won’t grow and or advance your skills’. With that being said, they love to be challenged and prove their skills by giving favorable and positive outcomes in everything they do. They are resourceful, flexible and open-minded making them very special assets not only to Guerilla but also to their clients.

If you are someone who is looking for an unmatchable team to join your business, you may want to check us out, an offshoring company based in Clark Pampanga. We work in different industries, so we assure you that we have what you need. Request a free quote here at