We break norms and forge new paths.

Guerilla Staffing Solutions, a family business, run by five sisters all fueled by our entrepreneurial spirit and our individual strength is what inspired the name and the vision of the company. The name ‘Guerilla’ stands for being tactical and strategic, rebelling against the norm and setting a new standard of excellence to achieve a greater victory. The philosophy of this culture stems from our father having infused all his knowledge and wisdom into us from a young age, seeing our father, Jacob Janssen, in action in his various businesses over his career, inspired us to follow and carve our own footprints, engrained with his professional and personal values of integrity, transparency and respect.

How it all started

We embarked on our journey when we recognized an opportunity to expand our business line from offering Marketing Services to unlimited Staffing for all businesses. Although we started our business during Covid, an uncertain and challenging period, we were fortunate that it eventually came out on the right side. 

Proudly launched our Outsourcing division pre-pandemic, after servicing our marketing clients for 5+ years. We proudly started offering our services to an expanded target market and landed our first client in November, 2020. We went into the new year feeling excited to see the company grow and prosper.

We kicked the year off with various challenges as the restrictions locally and internationally increased, with some obstacles and opportunities, we persevered and ended the year with 30+ Staff. We saw our business reach new heights, and partnered with some amazing clients.

This year we focused on client and staff relationships, we developed long term clients, supported our staff and provided them with a stable company to work for and with, enhancing our standards across all areas, as of June 2022 we proudly hit 70+ Staff and counting.

A positive and thriving work environment is our focus for this year. We make sure to engage with everyone and strive to provide a workplace where our staff can connect and flourish. As we reflect on the past year, it’s evident that our focus on staff engagement has not only enhanced the workplace culture but has also contributed to a more motivated and united team.

More than your typical Outsourcing company

Guerilla Staffing Solution is rooted in strong values, blended with the mixed cultures of Australian, Dutch, and Filipino. It aims to provide affordable staffing and digital solutions through a transparent and straightforward approach, changing the typical mold of offshoring. With the commitment to strengthen our workforce to help our clients rise above any challenges, leading and creating the path towards growth and success.

Located at one of the fastest-growing economic centers in the Philippines — Clark Freeport Zone, Guerilla Staffing Solution is ready to get your offshoring needs covered!

70+ Staff and counting

We have a vision for our Staff to gain long-term employment opportunities with us. We are passionate about building a positive, inclusive and respectful workplace for all. We want our staff and clients to work in an environment where there is open communication, trust and respect among one another. We are vigilant in partnering with clients who will treat their staff with kindness and make them feel like they are a part of their company, regardless of them being offshore.

We have a vision of growing our company to 1,000+ seats over the next five years, while maintaining our core values and mission to support businesses to stop worrying and start growing. Our main objective is to ensure businesses thrive, with our staffing solutions.


Here at Guerilla Staffing Solutions, we are proud to say that our Leadership team is majority Female, and our Executive is 100% Female run and operated by Five Sisters. We have made it our mission to lead by example, to inspire others for gender equality in the workplace and to empower our work environment to be inclusive and supportive of all genders. We are proud to share, that we have built a culture with an open-door policy, meaning our staff can always seek guidance, support or encouragement from our leadership or executive teams.

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