Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

In the BPO Industry, since the work is focused on deliverables and outputs, and not on looks or physical aspects that are necessary for other industries, it gives all the staff, no matter the race, age, or gender, equal opportunity to showcase their skills. Here at Guerilla, we ensure that from the beginning of the selection process in Recruitment, we choose the right people based on their skills, experience, and work ethics. We never discourage genders to apply for roles that may seem more female or male dominant, this gives applicants equal opportunity to land a job. We employ extremely talented women and men for various roles such as Admin, CSR, CAD Drafters, Estimators, Engineers, and Landscape Designers to name a few. In fact, 42% (male) and 58% (female) of Guerilla’s employees consist of skilled, talented, and qualified staff who not only meet their KPIs but exceed our client’s expectations.


We believe the industry has adapted to this over the last few years, the industry has progressed and created more opportunities across the board, no matter the race, age or gender, it is now up to the Service Providers, such as Guerilla to uphold standards and influence others to do the same for positive social growth. 


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Work-Life Balance

Here at Guerilla, we exercise work-life balance because we believe that everyone has life and responsibilities outside the workplace. We don’t want to take our staff’s right to do what interests them or to pursue learnings that will make way for their personal development. In fact, some of our staff are advancing their education by attending school and taking their master’s degree after their shifts. 


By offering policies and practices that support work-life balance, we are able to show how we value and respect their well-being and that eventually contributes to job satisfaction, employee engagement, and retention.