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Navigating Offshoring Challenges

Offshoring comes with a set of challenges that each outsourcing company must solve, this includes cultural differences. It is widely known that every country has cultures that differ from one to another and if not addressed properly it can impact communication, project management, and team dynamics, which is why it is understandable to have doubts when considering offshoring.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 2 of the biggest challenges in offshoring and practices on how to address them.


Challenges in Offshoring

  1. Communication and Culture Differences: Offshoring is prone to experience communication challenges. Communication styles vary between cultures, and when these styles clash, miscommunications can happen. For example, some cultures give way too much emphasis on using formal communication, while others don’t. Also, we cannot forget language barriers which make it even more difficult to understand what the other person’s words truly meant.
  2. Time zone differences: The way the sun and moon shift around the earth is not the same which is why time zone exists. When your offshore team is located in a different country, scheduling meetings and collaborating in real-time can become quite challenging.


Navigating Offshoring Challenges

Guerilla as one of the many BPOs in Clark, we are very much excited to share with you how we mend these challenges so that both our staff and clients can work together in a very collaborative manner that can induce effective and efficient results.

  1. Cultural awareness and sensitivity: We make sure to brief our staff about the cultural differences and gaps between the country or industry our staff worked with. We provide them with support so they can fully understand the communication styles, work habits, and cultural norms of their clients. As a result, each of our staff learns and possesses sensitivity to these differences which helps them avoid misunderstandings and build stronger relationships with their clients.
  2. Overcome the Language Barrier: Speaking the English language is not a problem. Guerilla might be based in the Philippines, but we are proud that our staff are Filipinos. They are generally known for being proficient in the English language. In fact, the Philippines is considered one of the largest English-speaking nations in the world. This is because, from childhood up to their adulthood, Filipinos are exposed to English in many different ways, from education to media to entertainment. So communicating with them is not in question.
  3. Flexible schedule: Our staff can be as accommodating as you require. Regardless of whether it is morning or evening, they can change their working schedule according to your time zone. Also, our office is accessible 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about the offices and gadgets your team needs.


In conclusion, navigating cultural differences in offshoring can be challenging, but it is possible to overcome these challenges with the right approach. Teaming with the right outsourcing company that has staff that are capable and highly skilled with a full understanding of the cultural differences, and is adaptable to changes, is all you need to make your offshoring worth it.