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Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers create, produce, and assess various mechanical devices, including industrial machinery, heating and cooling systems, transportation systems, robotics, and tools.

Responsibilities include:

  • Designing, manufacturing, and installing components that fulfill requirements.
  • Analyzing problems or deficiencies and developing solutions to resolve them.
  • Conducting experiments and evaluations to improve and innovate product designs.
  • Creating plans and designs using CAD technology.
  • Estimating budgets and time scopes for each project.
  • Writing technical documentation for machine operators.
  • Ensuring that products meet compliance regulations.
  • Collaborating with project managers and other engineers in our team.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.
  • Licensed as a professional engineer.
  • Experience working in the mechanical engineering field.
  • Superior computer skills, with solid experience in CAD, CAM, and Matlab/LabView programs.
  • Ability to run simulations and analyze test data.
  • Ability to write clear and comprehensive technical documentation.
  • Highly analytical mind, with exceptional problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

Benefits of Offshoring:

Offshoring the role of a Mechanical Engineer involves outsourcing responsibilities related to designing, manufacturing, and assessing mechanical systems and devices to professionals in a different geographical location. This practice offers several key advantages:

  • Access to Great Mechanical Engineer

Offshoring provides access to a diverse pool of skilled Mechanical Engineers, offering a broader range of expertise and specialized knowledge for various mechanical engineering projects.

  • Cost Saving

Offshoring your Mechanical Engineer roles here in the Philippines can significantly reduce your operational costs. You eliminate the expenses of hiring and training in-house Mechanical Engineer and the need for office space and equipment.

  • Business Success

By offshoring mechanical engineering tasks, in-house teams can concentrate on core business activities, project management, and innovation, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Specialized Skills

Offshore professionals often come with specialized knowledge in various aspects of mechanical engineering, allowing them to address specific project requirements with precision.

  • Advanced Technology

Offshore providers typically employ the latest mechanical engineering software and tools, ensuring efficient design and analysis processes for complex mechanical systems and devices.

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