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Guerilla Staffing Solutions on Payoneer Forum 2022

Payoneer Forum 2022 held on the 26th of November at Clark Freeport Zone, brought together industry thought leaders, services providers, and content from across the globe to share some of their meaningful stories and strategies about the BPO Industry and one of them is our Guerilla Staffing Solutions President and one of the 5 Female Owners, Vanessa Janssen.

Started as a freelancer with two of her sister first offering services like logo creation, website designing, social media content creation and other simple services that eventually shaped their dreams to build one of the most competitive BPO staffing solutions in Clark, Philippines.


To give you some background, just like other businesses, they also experienced challenges in their few months of operations. With the thoughts of offering only marketing-related services, as time goes by they realize that they can do much more than that. It inspired them to study and try serving other industries, as Vanessa said “You may as well try doing it and fail rather than not doing it at all and still fail.”


Through this forum, Guerilla Staffing Solutions President, Vanessa Janssen gave out inspiring advice to help people like her who have an ambitious dream to build their own staffing agency and motivate them not to give up that dream even if it may seem like there’s no progress or future in it as of the current moment, “Give it a try, be open to change, try new things and take the risk” as she said.


She also highlighted in her panel speech the importance of giving value to every service you offer. She advises Virtual Assistants who are already in the industry for a long period and now planning to embark maybe a freelancer career or build their own agency to be strict with their compensation, “Determine what you can offer, add value to your services, be strict with it and get the payments in.” Vanessa also added emphasis on the concept of ‘Finding the right client’, cause she greatly believes that the “right clients will pay the right money for the right staff.”


Take Guerilla Staffing Solutions as an example, the culture Vanessa and her sisters created is ‘People Focus.’ The management always puts their staff first, their well-being, their development, and their salary compensation. They build a safe and supportive environment where employees feel empowered to contribute their best work, take risks, and learn from their mistakes. They communicate openly and honestly, sharing information and feedback in a timely and constructive manner. 


Vanessa believes that dreams will soon turn into reality when you take the courage to make your first step today. She and her sisters believed that anyone who has dreams can also be a successful entrepreneur and leader in the future. She leaves a very important pointer that she always has in mind as a great leader and president of Guerilla Staffing Solutions “The first seat really matters if you get it right at first time, you can grow up from there.”