How we started

Guerilla Staffing Solutions is more than just your typical outsourcing company. It is a family-owned business driven by their strong desire and passion, fueled by their entrepreneurial experiences in the past, to provide innovative and long-lasting growth in the business space and its people’s lives.


The company also aims to provide you with affordable staffing and digital solutions through a transparent and straightforward approach by changing the generic mould of outsourcing in today’s era.


Rooted from the strong values of the Australian-Filipino family. Guerilla BPO has a strong will to always rise above the challenges, lead success with joy and creativity, and provide an equal opportunity.


Located at one of the fastest-growing economic centres in the Philippines — Clark Freeport Zone, Guerilla Staffing Solution is ready to help you thrive.


We like to keep it easy


We have a transparent and flexible approach when it comes to our pricing model.


We do not profit from staff salaries, benefits, government taxes, etc.


With standard and flexible business terms that are easy to work with.