Three Architectural and Construction Staff sitting in their workstation, working on their own computers at Guerilla Staffing Solutions, a BPO in Clark Pampanga.
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Can I Offshore My Architectural and Construction Staffing Needs?

Offshoring has a common misrepresentation that can be used solely in the Telecommunication Industry. While it’s true that customer service representative is a job position that is frequently offshored, there’s much more beneath that.


Offshoring extends far beyond just telecommunication. From administrative tasks to specialized technical positions like CAD Drafters, Architects and Engineers, offshoring is a versatile and robust business strategy that can be harnessed across diverse industries to achieve outstanding results and stay ahead of the competition.

The Challenges of Hiring for Architectural and Construction Positions.


Staying ahead of the Architectural and Construction industry’s competitive curve requires access to top-notch talent. Finding skilled professionals who can contribute to your projects is essential for business success. But first, let’s identify what are the different types of positions you can offshore.


    1. CAD Drafters: Offshore CAD drafters use computer-aided design software to create detailed architectural drawings and plans, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the design process.
    2. 3D Visualization Artists: Offshoring 3D visualization artists enables captivating and realistic renderings of architectural projects, enhancing presentations and marketing materials.
    3. BIM Modelers: Offshore BIM modelers develop digital models with all project data, fostering collaboration among teams and optimizing construction workflows.
    4. Structural Detailers: Offshore structural detailers create precise and comprehensive drawings of building structures, facilitating smooth construction processes.
    5. MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Drafters: Offshoring MEP drafters ensures accurate and detailed plans for essential building systems, optimizing energy efficiency and functionality.
    6. Architectural Drafters: Offshore architectural drafters assist in creating technical drawings and plans, aiding architects in bringing their designs to life.
    7. Estimators: Offshore construction estimators assess project requirements and provide accurate cost estimates, supporting budget planning and financial management.
    8. Interior Designers: offshored interior designers create functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces aligning with the project’s vision.
    9. Landscape Architects: Offshore landscape architects design attractive and functional gardens, parks, playgrounds, residential areas, public spaces and public campuses.
    10. Construction Project Managers: offshored project managers oversee and coordinate all construction activities, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.


Recruiting the right people for your team can be challenging. Identifying who among the candidates has the right skills, qualifications, and experience and is a perfect fit for your business goals takes a lot of time and effort. Doing all of this can divert valuable time and resources from your core business activities, potentially delaying project timelines and affecting overall efficiency.


Good news! Through the continuous evolution of technology, offshoring became one of the most powerful tools businesses can lean on when they need staffing solutions. It enables you to have more time by freeing up your hand with non-core business functions. Resulting in you effectively using your time on the matters that require your most attention.

The Benefits of Offshoring Architectural and Construction Staffing


  • Access to Diverse Talent Pool

Offshoring your Architectural and Construction staffing needs provides you access to a wider and more diverse pool of talents. Through this, your business is not limited to only just local staff, but rather can even have a global team that is composed of expert professionals with unique perspectives and fresh ideas that can greatly benefit your business.


  • Reduced Labor Costs

One of the biggest benefits of offshoring is cost savings. Hiring full-time employees can be expensive due to overhead costs and additional expenses such as salaries, benefits, and taxes. By offshoring, companies can access talent without the added costs associated with traditional staffing.


  • Flexibility and Scalability

Fluctuating demands are typical when it comes to the Architectural and Construction industry. Offshoring your staffing needs, whether you need help with a specific project or ongoing support allows you to scale your team up or down according to project requirements. This flexibility helps you optimize resources and costs, ensuring you have the right personnel when you need them.


  • Reduced Hiring Risks

Offshoring your staffing needs reduces the risk of hiring mismatches. Since staffing agencies pre-screen candidates, you receive access to pre-qualified professionals with proven track records, minimizing the chances of making a wrong hire.


  • Focus on Core Competencies

By entrusting your staffing needs to experts, you can concentrate on your core competencies and project management, optimizing productivity and ensuring project success.

Choosing the Guerilla as your Staffing Agency


To fully leverage the benefits of offshoring, it’s crucial to choose the right staffing agency. 


Here at Guerilla, we specialize in providing staffing solutions in numerous industries, be it Accounting, Healthcare, IT and Support, Architectural and Construction, and other industries. We are equipped with experience, so if you’re struggling to find the right talent for your business, consider offshoring your staffing needs with us. We take pride in our ability to find the perfect professional for every job, and we work diligently to ensure smooth workflows and continued success.