50% – 70% Lower
Than Hiring In-House

Significantly reduce your overhead and labour costs, so you can rapidly expand your business. We also offer Accounting, Administration, Construction, Engineering, Real Estate and Healthcare service roles.


We can support companies to achieve their business goals with our team of exceptional personnel that are professional, highly skilled, and operate with care and attention to detail. We want to uplift and offer a sustainable solution for your business to operate locally or internationally.

We understand how important your time and your business are, so we make it to the point of helping you resolve an issue when you encounter it. Whether it be of business, tools, or just simply about your staff, we are here to help fix your concern so you can go back with the things that matter the most to you.

24/7 Customer Service, Tech Support, Help Desk & Sales Support

Discover how companies achieve outstanding results with Guerilla Staffing Solutions!

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Understand why the Philippines is the outsourcing capital destination.

Building offshore remote teams is a very common business practice; if you started asking your industry colleagues if they use outsourced or offshore remote teams, you might be surprised how many of them say “yes.” Most medium to large companies in the world participates on some level.


We don't keep you guessing

  • Salary cost
  • Transparent Facility Fee
  • One-time Setup & Recruitment Fee
  • No Long-term Lock-in Contracts
  • No Exit Fee or Penalties

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